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Meet Shay.

Shay is all about mindfulness and meditation, real talk, and real connection - and Shady Ape encompasses all of it.

"As a society we've lost the ability to feel our fucking feelings. We want our t-shirts to start a conversation on how it's ok to not feel great all the time and around the potential for mindfulness to help you build a foundation of stillness for when life rocket launches lemons at you. So you can stand there smiling while being pelted by lemons..."

Shay is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Meditation Teacher, and an aspiring yogi. She loves the mountains, travel, craft beer, laughing, exploring and live music.


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INSTAGRAM | @sc.wellness
FACEBOOK | @shaychantelnw


Meet April.

She has an intense desire to bring mindfulness to the people of Edmonton through movement, meditation and mentorship.

"You can meditate all you want, but if you don't have a community of practice, it's just not as effective. Shady Ape is just one contribution towards creating a community here in Edmonton."

April is a teacher, mindfulness educator, and trauma-informed practitioner who has completed her 200-HR yoga teacher training. She loves international travel, horseback riding, nachos, and commuting on her vintage road bike.


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INSTAGRAM | @8_elements
FACEBOOK | @prescottapril